Get the Interview and Get the Job!

Well done you!

You have jumped through the multiple hoops that are often placed in our way during selection and assessment processes and made it through to the interview stage.

While all interviews are subtly different, many will tend to follow a similar format. You will likely get the welcome, possibly introductions of who the selection board members are, an explanation of what is about to happen, the settling question and then off we go into the body of the interview.

A while later you will head towards the final questions, perhaps be given the opportunity to re-state or clarify any answers that you have been given – and it will all be over.

 ‘Phew – that’s a relief’ you may well think.

But do we ever stop to consider our performance in the interview, or what tips and techniques we could use – and exploit to our advantage – to ensure that the odds of success are stacked in our favour?

We should, because there are a whole range of subtle techniques that you can employ to ensure that you shine at interview and make it very difficult for the recruiter not to select you. But there are very few places where you can get ‘behind-the-scenes’ access to this sort of information.

These techniques include how to ‘package up’ your answers to maximum effect, how the pace and tone of your voice can help win or lose you the job and even what choice of clothes you wear can help determine your success or failure.

And there’s loads more too.

Written by Dawn Moss, MCIPD, a specialist in the art of interviewing, who has been involved in coaching & educating business leaders, managers and employees in all aspects of the recruitment process. Using her guidance, you will learn the insider secrets from an in-house recruiter, someone who has personally led people through thousands of interviews and now trains managers how to recruit staff.

Is the interview stage where you are falling down?

How could you deliver the interview performance of your life?

Don’t battle through not knowing which way to turn or where to go for help and advice, after all, there are no prizes for coming second…

Simply pick up this helpful guide, written by someone who knows precisely what interviewers are looking for, and deliver great answers that will help get you the job!