Advice & Guidance

We have several additional services available, some for a relatively small fee, that will support you to secure your next role successfully.  Simply select the items you feel you need today. Free advice and guidance are available on the blogs page or call us for a friendly chat.

Free CV Review

Simply email your CV to with ‘Free CV Review’ in the header and our experts will carry out a free review – gratis, free and at no charge, with our compliments!

Thinking About Leaving Your Job?

Not sure which way to go?  Why not read this step-by-step no-nonsense guide written by a former police officer when faced with his own career transition; it will help you focus on an action plan that’s right for you!

Confidential One to One Discovery Session

Unclear on the way ahead?  Or simply needing a trusted friend to chew things over with?  Our one-to-one session is completely confidential, and we listen with discretion and empathy to help you discern the action plan that is right for you.  Think ‘trusted confidant that tells you it straight’ (but does so kindly and with good humour!).

CV Build by Our Specialists

Need a Curriculum Vitae but don’t know where to start?  Tried to write your own CV but it is simply not ‘cutting the mustard’?  We will build you a great CV that is sure to catch the eye of the recruiter; written by our very own experts that do this type of thing all day long.

LinkedIn Profile Created

You know you need to be found online – but how?  Our specialists will compose a brilliant profile for you to upload to LinkedIn to showcase your skills and experience, making sure that it is ATS, SEO and recruiter friendly! (…that’s ‘applicant tracking system’ and ‘search engine optimised’ for us mere mortals…)

How to Get Your Dream Job!

Do your career goals seem out of reach?  Or are you being overlooked for promotion?  A step by step guide setting out a route by which almost anyone can get the job of their dreams, co-written by an experienced in-house recruiter and a former national police strategist!

Get the Interview and Get the Job!

Are job interviews something you dread?  Need a structure to help you ‘hang’ your examples on?  Why not take some specialist advice from an in-house recruiter who has personally conducted thousands of interviews and now teaches managers how to select the right staff!

Application Forms Written

Some roles require an application form to be completed, but what does ‘good’ look like?  We go one step further and compose ‘great!’ application forms to help you get through to the next stage of the process (…if you have a closing date, make sure you give us as much notice as you possible…)

Leavers Package

Preparing to leave the police service but not sure what to do, and in which order, to ensure you transition successfully? We have been there and done it and put together a great package of vital products and services – at a heavily discounted cost – to help you make the move successfully!


Fancy being a train driver?  A firefighter?  Or even an airline pilot?  Pop over and view How2Become, an award-winning website with specific advice about particular industry requirements.

Career Library TV

Prefer to get your info via the small screen?  Head over to our friends at Career Library TV for great information on all aspects of the recruitment and selection process.

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